Chart shows top game pirated in each state; Watch Dogs tops the list

Despite numerous efforts to stomp out piracy, Internet goers still turn to bittorrent and other sources to procure digital wares. Movoto has taken an extensive look at game pirating and broken the information down by state, revealing what game is being most pirated in each state.

Looking at BitTorrent activity, Movoto created the charts in the gallery below, one that details what the #1 pirated game is in each state. Watch Dogs has a strong presence on both the east and west coasts and across the central states, being followed up with The Elder Scrolls in the north.

From there, other games are shown in lesser quantities spread across the country: there's Minecraft up in the New England region, Dark Souls II in the south, FIFA in New York and Oregon, The Sims 3 in Montana, and Among the Sleep in Ohio, among others.

To help give the chart some perspective, Movoto created a second one showing pirating rates in relation to each state's population. On the high end of the chart, New York, Ohio, Florida, Washington State, Nevada, Michigan, Kansas, and Rhode Island have the highest rates of downloads.

VIA: Venture Beat