Charlie Brown Christmas app comes to iPad

A Charlie Brown Christmas was around for a long time before I was. I still watched it every year growing up, and watch it each year with my kids. The cartoon special is one of those things that is a classic and will continue to be watched for years to come. If you are a fan of the cartoon that comes on TV, a new app is available on the app story you will want.

The app is called a Charlie Brown Christmas and is made by Loud Crow Interactive. The app gives the impression of a pop-up book on the Apple tablet and according to Mashable; the app captures the feel of the classic cartoon very well. There is more to the app than a digital book for kids too.

The app has little games that let the user make and catch snowflakes. It also has a finger painting app. Kids and adults that play the app games can unlock other decorations to use on their digital tree. The app also has music from the cartoon and a lot more. The app is availed now for $6.99 and Android fans can buy it as well on the Android market.

[via Mashable]