ChargerLeash Pro charging cable shrieks when you forget it

Charging cables are cheap enough to lose, but that's beyond the point: they're priceless when lost somewhere a replacement isn't easily obtained, and that makes them a precious commodity at times. It is easy to forget your charging cable, however, and by the time you realize it is back in your hotel room or at the airport, turning around to recover it isn't feasible. You spring for an over-priced replacement from the convenience store or gas station, and after paying a massive markup, the perks of having a cord that shrieks when you forget it begin to look appealing.

The ChargerLeash is not a complicated device, and that's okay: it has one task in life, and it does it well. As you can see in the image above (and hear in the video below), there's an alarm unit in the middle of the cable that begins to wail shortly after you unplug your smartphone or other device (any gadget).

It sounds a bit like a microwave going off, which might help trigger that I have to shut it up right now urgency that compels you back to your poor forgotten cable. Plug the device back in or unplug the cable from the charger and it'll stop squawking. The device itself isn't new, however.

This is the second iteration of the ChargerLeash, with the next-gen model tacking the word "Pro" on the end of its title. With the newest version comes a "Snooze" feature that lets you mute the cable when at home, as well as a flat cable design that helps prevent tangles. The cable is available for Apple users, as well. Price is set a penny under $35 USD.

SOURCE: The Gadgeteer