ChargeCard for Micro USB devices debuts

Late last month I mentioned a new project that had turned up on Kickstarter. The project was called the ChargeCard and initially was for the iPhone. The idea was a thin credit card-sized charger that you can put inside your wallet and plug directly into your iPhone and a USB port when you need to recharge.

At the time, the original project launched the developers promised a version would come for devices that recharge using micro USB ports. That micro USB version of the ChargeCard has now been unveiled. Like the iPhone version, the micro USB ChargeCard is thin enough to fit into your wallet and take with you wherever you go.

Rather than having an iPhone charger on one side, this one has a micro USB port coming off at an angle. The section of the ChargeCard that plugs into the USB port of a computer is still flexible allowing the charger at work at just about any angle. The developers say the micro USB version of the product will work with any device that recharges using the little USB port.

That means this should work with the majority of Android smartphones and tablets out there as well as a bunch of other products. The micro USB ChargeCard comes in three colors, including black, white, and bird. The bird version is black with white silhouette art of birds sitting on a line. The project has 12 days to go and was seeking $50,000, so far backers have pledged over $136,000.