CharaChorder Lite lets you type whole words like you're playing a piano

If typing one key at a time on a QWERTY keyboard isn't fast enough for you, the new CharaChorder Lite keyboard offers an interesting alternative. The product looks just like an ordinary QWERTY keyboard but allows users to type entire words at a time using 'chords' as if they were playing the piano. The result, the team claims, is a typing speed of up to 250 words per minute.

It's possible to type pretty fast with a QWERTY keyboard by hitting one key at a time — but you'll still struggle to get anywhere near the speed at which you think and speak. CharaChorder Lite aims to change that by enabling users to press a combination of keys at the same time to produce entire words, with the keyboard filling in the blanks.

The keyboard supports typing one letter at a time for those moments when you can't remember the 'chord' for the word you want, alternating between pecking and mashing to ultimately increase the rate at which you produce text. The keyboard would no doubt require some time to get used to, but the idea is fascinating regardless.

The CharaChorder Lite will be made with hot-swap smt connectors for use with standard keyboard switches; it'll ship with mechanical switches and include an LED-powered backlight. The keyboard will feature ordinary USB-C connectivity and, the team behind the product claims, it will be compatible with any computing device you have, including your desktop, phone, and tablet.

In addition to the chords that are preset for the device, CharaChorder Lite users will be able to create their own chord shortcuts for use with the keyboard. The team claims that learning the 100 most common keyboard chords and using regular typing for the rest of the words will still enable you to mash out around half of everything you ordinarily type.

The CharaChorder Lite is being funded on Kickstarter where it has exceeded its funding goal. Backers who pledge at least $99 are offered the 'early bird' units at what amounts to a $200 discount, according to the team. Shipping to early bird backers is estimated to start this December.