Chances of settlement slim in Apple, Samsung patent trial

With both sides having presented their cases in the high-profile Apple and Samsung patent suit, it's almost time for the jury to begin deliberation. Before that happens, however, Judge Lucy Koh has asked both companies to either narrow their claims for the jury or attempt to reach a settlement. Unfortunately (and somewhat unsurprisingly) it looks like neither of those will be happening.

This means that not only will the jury have to decide who's in the right here, but they'll have to do so by wading through all of the claims both Apple and Samsung have made during the trial. Deliberation is set to begin on Tuesday, August 21, and Bloomberg Businessweek reports that both companies had until yesterday to report back on talks that were meant to narrow the claims. If a settlement could not be reached, Judge Koh was hoping that the companies could at least simplify the scope of the suit to make the deliberation process easier for the jury.

In a joint statement, attorneys for Apple and Samsung said that such talks proved fruitless, as they were not able to settle or or narrow the dispute. Part of that is because this case isn't only raging in the US, as Apple and Samsung are currently duking it out in similar lawsuits on four different continents. Another part is that since both companies own a wide range of patents relating to smartphones and tablets, it's inevitable that this case would be complex and perhaps a little too broad.

So, it appears that the jury has their work cut out for them. This suit has been filled with plenty of ups and downs for Apple and Samsung, and indeed both have made some convincing arguments throughout the case. Who will come out on top is anyone's guess – and ultimately up to the jury – so we'll all have to stay tuned for more information.