Chameleon Case changes color based on your Wii’s temperature

Chris Scott Barr - May 31, 2007, 4:09pm CDT

Game consoles can get pretty hot when you work them for extended periods, and yet they really don’t have any good indicator to show you just how hot they’re getting.

The Crystal Chameleon Hot Rock is a replacement for the outer case of you Wii. It is made of plastic and has digital LED thermometer that lets you know just how hot it’s getting in there. If you don’t feel like taking the time to stop and read the actual temperature, a quick glance at the color of the case will give you a good estimate of the temperature.

This case will actually require you to remove your old stock Wii case, which means it’s going to take a little effort. But the end result it definitely worth it. Not only do you get a case that looks cool, it serves a function as well. You can get your own starting this week for only $54.99.

Crystal Chameleon Case for Wii Shows Its Colors When the Heat is On [via gizmodo]

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