Chairless Chair: a wearable that lets you sit anywhere

We've seen a lot of interesting wearables, but none that are quite as interesting as the Chairless Chair. At first glance, the wearer appears to be sitting on thin air (or popping an awkward squat), but if you look a little closer, you see there are bars attached to the back of the user's legs.

The chair was made by Noonee, a startup in Zurich co-founded by its CEO and the source of the idea, Keith Gunura. Though it could find use in a variety of work places, it seems to be targeted towards factory workers, which makes sense in light of how the idea was spawned — when Gunura worked in a packaging factory as a teenager.

The chair is designed so that it doesn't touch the ground, instead putting weight towards the user's heels. The contraption itself is strapped to the thighs, and allows one to walk or run without any interference. When the wearer wants to sit, however, all they have to do is push a button.

The Chairless Chair runs on a 6v battery, which allows the device to run for 24 hours. When one assumes the sitting position, they simply push a button to lock the device in place. It might look a little weird leaving work at the end of the day with it strapped to your legs, but your feet may thank you for it.