CH4 health tracker monitors your flatulence, judges your diet

We've seen many trackers over the years, but this one is likely the oddest yet: it's called the CH4, and it monitors your flatulence to make judgements about your diet. Obviously it is bid as a health tracker, but it eschews the common calories/heart rate/water intake and other parameters commonly monitored by health trackers. As expected, the tracker comes with a related mobile app that keeps track of one's "gases", as the maker says, as well as the daily diet that is associated with it.

The CH4 tracker is a small 3D-printed wearable designed to clip to your pocket or belt over your posterior region, where it will monitor your flatulence and, according to the maker, "measure your gases". This analysis will then point toward what foods you need to avoid eating, potentially improving your diet.

The related app, meanwhile, includes a food tracker for the user to input the foods they eat. Says the maker, more specific food tracking will result in more accurate analyses. Furthermore, according to the maker, "The app comes with a dashboard that combines fart tracking with food habits. As you use the app longer, foods get correlated with gas production and the app identifies foods that you should avoid."

The maker behind the CH4 tracker is looking to raise $180,000 USD on Kickstarter, and has thus far raised about $1,000 USD with a little under two weeks remaining. A pledge of $120 USD will get backers one tracker in March of next year, assuming the campaign reaches its funding goal and everything goes as planned. Note that the makers say they are in the first stages of the development process.

SOURCE: Kickstarter