CES2008 : LG 1080p SXRD Projector Hidden in the Dark

Daniel Lim - Jan 9, 2008

Ewdison reported a surprising find at CES 2008, a SXRD 1080p projector from LG? It’s huge and too dark to tell but it’s a SXRD alright except it’s not coming from Sony but LG. Apparently LG quietly joins the club of SXRD projector unannounced, alone and hidden in a dark showroom. Poor thing needs to get noticed! The AF115 uses industry best Silicon Optic HQV image processor with specs of 1300 lumens and dynamic CR of 30,000 : 1. Without the price and availability in hand, it’s hard to compare to the newest $15k Sony VW200 SXRD but get these, it’s has an extremely low fan noise of 18db and comes with ISF certified.

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