CES 2012 speaks out against SOPA

This week at the Qualcomm keynote event on the second full day of CES 2012, a big message has been sent to Washington direct from CES leaders: we do not want SOPA to pass. To do this, they've displayed a website by the name of Declaration of Innovation. To get to this site and join the "nerd army" as they say, head to DeclareInnovation.com and speak out against the majorly overly broad set of laws being passed as we speak to fight piracy but in actuality set to harm innovation on the whole.

It should come as no surprise that CES as an organization has spoken out against SOPA, it being a force that's very much the opposite of what CES is all about. There's been a massive bit of dissent on the web when it comes to fighting off SOPA, and CES coming out against it as well should be another big blow to those attempting to get it passed. Stick with us here on SlashGear for the rest of the keynote, happening now and accessible to you through [CES Live]