CES 2012 comes to a close as SlashGear exits Las Vegas

We've had one whole heck of a lot of fun this past week at the 2012 Consumer Electronics Show, but all good things must come to a close, and so too must we exit Las Vegas Nevada. What we've seen has been wrapped up a bit by Chris Davies in a set of posts listed later in this post, but we've got plenty of content left to go – stacks of hands-on video and photos of oddities, hidden treasures, and items that require just a bit more in-depth processing than your average feature from across the show floor for you to peek at throughout the weekend. That said, we'd like to thank everyone at CES for all your hard work and for making such an event of massive size take place for the pleasure of us and our readers.

For those of you interested in following the entirety of our CES 2012 content, both at the event and outside of the event but relating to the timeline, head to our tag [CES 2012]. Everyone interested in exploring what we've scooped up here live at the events in Las Vegas as they unfolded and in-person, head to our portal by the name of [CES Live]. Both tags will continue to be filled out over the weekend and, if you're lucky, into the oncoming week. As with all events that have so many products in them that there's no physical way for everyone to cover them all, so too do we want to give you all we've got.

We've also got additional comprehensive wrap-up posts on the way, including our favorite picks, the best-of for the entirety of CES 2012 separated by category, and opinion columns both here and over at Android Community regarding what we've seen over the last week. This very moment I must leave you with one question:

What was YOUR favorite device, product, or moment from CES 2012 that you've happened upon thus far?