CES 2009: Wireless USB Kit-Cable Replacement GUW101KIT

IOGear had some time to give us a walkthrough and demo of the Wireless USB Kit-Cable Replacement GUW101KIT. This brilliant device allows users to take any UBS device they like and use it wirelessly from up to 30 feet away.

Now you can move than external hard drive away from your PC or take your laptop to the couch without having to run a USB wire from he unit to your computer. The Kit provides users with everything they need to connect to their devices wirelessly with no need for complicated wireless network setup. The demo consisted of streaming seamless video wirelessly from an external hard drive directly to the laptop across the room.

Association mode allows you to manage up to 16 associated host adapters. There are a total of 7 channels (3 FFL and 4 TFL) that the Wireless USB Kit-Cable Replacement can operate on. This device fits easily in any place because it is about the size of a deck of cards.  You can also use the kit to attach printers wirelessly, of course this is only in a 30 foot range.