CES 2009: Sony VAIO P Live Demo Video

Shortly after officially announcing the new VAIO P, Sony spent some time demonstrating the brand new ultraportable to SlashGear. In our video demo, here are all the details missing from the sparse press release: ports, memory card slots, everything you want to know about VAIO P connectivity.

There'll be three versions, starting from the $899 price point with a standard 60GB hard-drive, followed by a 64GB SSD version for $1,199. Finally, the top-spec model has a 128GB SSD, priced at $1,499. Each has 2GB of RAM and is locked to Verizon Wireless for EVDO connectivity; according to Sony there'll be no GSM version for the US, and they couldn't confirm European availability or pricing (though we'd expect a few months after the US launch).

Ports include two USB, a display connector which gives a VGA output and extra USB port via a dongle, MS and SD slots and audio output. There are switches to toggle wireless on and off, together with booting up the instant-on Linux shell. Battery life is up to 4hrs with the standard battery, and 6hrs with the extended battery that adds a short overhang to the rear of the notebook.

Video is being uploaded – we'll add it in as soon as it's processed!