CES 2009: iRiver P7 PMP Video Demo

If iRiver's other launches – the WAVE HOME and new Mickey – this week were somewhat unusual, their P7 PMP is far more mainstream.  Controlled primarily via a 4.3-inch resistive touchscreen, the 4GB, 8GB or 16GB NAND flash media players can handle audio and video files, as well as text files and FM radio.Video demo of the iRiver P7 PMP after the cut

iRiver describe the interface of the P7 as being magazine-style, with various panes simultaneously displaying various media status across the system.  The docking station includes power and USB connections, as well as speakers for headphone-free use.  Battery life is rated as up to 50hrs audio playback.

SRS WOW HD and seven EQ audio presets are also onboard, plus a microSD slot for augmenting the storage.  In use it's particularly slick, with screen transitions and other animations all smooth and bright on the large display.  Check out the full video demo and hands-on gallery below.