CES 2008: WiBraid B1 UMPC

James Allan Brady - Jan 7, 2008

The WiBrain is a full function ultra mobile pc weighing in at about 1.15-pounds. There’s a 4.8-inch WSVGA touch screen display between a split keyboards. There’s a neat pop-up video camera on top of the unit.

Sporting a VIA C7M 1.2GHz CPU with 60GB HDD it’s on the higher end of UMPC food chain as it was. You have the option to use the touch screen or the Arrow/Page UP/Page Down keys on the left hand side of the screen and a sizeable touchpad on the right hand side.

Ewdi mentioned that the WiBrain B1 is a neat device but the elongated shape makes it a little awkward looking. The popup camera is nice though, and the real keyboard with tactile feedback split between the two sides so you can hold it more like a handheld gaming system is more ergonomic. But, like I said, the only downside is that it is really wide and awkward looking when compared to devices such as the Q1 from Samsung, the OQO or the Sony VAIO UX series, as with all of the other UMPCs it runs on XP too. I like that it has a nice little touchpad for those not too precise with the touchscreen. The biggest downside is that the screen size is pretty small, I mean 4.8 inches isn’t really much larger than the iPhone screen so seeing things on that screen would be abysmal. If you want to buy one, you can get them from Dynamism for a base price of $699.

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