CES 2008: Samsung P2 PMP has Bluetooth, Gets reviewed

James Allan Brady - Jan 10, 2008

Now I know that we’ve already covered this, but the difference is we actually have one now. In fact, it was given to SlashGear, and we had a Bullshit, you know, the card game, tournament with it as the prize.

In fact, I am quite proud to write that I am the winner of that tournament and thus I got the pleasure of doing an unboxing video of the thing, which you will find below. I haven’t had it long, in fact I won it just before dinner, and when we got back, it was finished charging and I just finished syncing 4GB of music to it, and I’ve had some time to play with it.

It has Bluetooth, as I mentioned above, sadly the only headphones I have that are Bluetooth powered are at home so I can’t test that out, but the FM radio that’s built in works, and the picture view works well. Also, the touch screen is nice, not iPhone or iPod Touch nice, but it’s nice, it’s responsive. The graphics throughout the whole device are pretty nice, I mean, after using the iPod Touch for months, it’s a hard adjustment to go back to something that has a fairly basic menu, but this is one of the better menu systems I’ve seen.

Everything is controlled by the touch screen except for the power button and volume and the screen lock. There are a total of 3 buttons on the device and one switch. There is the hold switch, the play/pause/power button, and the volume up and down buttons. There is also an LED light that indicates when it’s connected, when its charged, and different status things like that.

Some new news I just read, the P2, this MP3 player, was given the Best Overall Bluetooth Product award by the Bluetooth SIG, now that’s not ever, that’s just of the stuff being shown at CES this year, I’ll have another article soon on the rest of the list. If you want one, its $199 for the 4GB (which is what I have) and the 8GB is $249.99.

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