CES 2008: Parrot RK8200 digital card stereo/hands-free kit

James Allan Brady - Jan 7, 2008

So Parrot is so innovative that they have decided to go ahead and ditch the optical media formats, which is a smart move on their part since I have more music on my phone than I do on all of the CDs both burned and bought that I have. But, in place of the optical media, they have given you so many more ways to connect what you do store your music on.

For starters, you can connect your A2DP enabled phone to this head unit and play music from it wirelessly. You can also connect flash drives, iPods, other MP3 players, there’s and SD card reader and there are 2 separate auxiliary inputs on this thing.

There is a gigabyte of internal storage, a 2.4-inch LCD. The screen is used for navigating through the various music menus and through your phone book since you can connect your phone and use it for hands free calling. It has a 180 watt amplifier and can output a mean sound, they had a cool little display box that has speakers built into it.


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