CES 2008: OtterBox has new cases for iPod and BlackBerry

James Allan Brady - Jan 9, 2008

So I was able to make it to the OtterBox booth where our friend Kristin was kind enough to take the time and show me their new products. They had a few new iPod cases including one for the 5G iPod and one for the iPhone, the 5G iPod one wasn’t that interesting, it would definitely do its job of protecting your iPod though, it was pretty touch, not Armor Series tough, but it was tough.

The iPhone case on the other hand looked very cool, it has a metallic insert wherever there was a hole (the camera, the Apple logo on the back, the headphone and docking ports). All of the actual ports also had rubber caps that were attached to the case and would go into the spaces when there wasn’t anything in there.

The real beauties were the two new BlackBerry cases. They had one for the Curve and for the Pearl (I am pretty sure those were the two models they were showing off). They were yellow and looked like they were from the Defender Series because they were very rugged looking, but they didn’t prevent you from using the device like some of the Armor Series cases do. They are both $50 each and are available now, if you have any of those devices, I personally have a couple of OtterBox cases and I would definitely recommend them.

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