CES 2008 : New 12mp Kodak EasyShare uses Touch Screen LCD display

Daniel Lim - Jan 10, 2008

The Iphone may not the best camera feature in cell phone market but its touch screen technology was a big hit and now it’s going to be on anything that uses LCD as display. Starts with Kodak latest compact digicam, the new Easyshare V series model V1273 and V1073 a huge 3 inch touch screen display for more robust interacting experience. Users can use the touch of their fingertips to view, edit and organize pictures.

The V1273 features a 12mp sensor while the V1073 has 10mp. That seems to be the only different between these two besides the price. Both use Schneider-Kreuznach, Varigon 3x optical zoom lens (37-111mm, 35mm equiv.) with extra 5x digital zoom that push the Easyhshare zoom factor up to a total of 15x.

Anti-shake system is also incorporated in optical path with better optical image stabilization system than the sensor based type. Movie mode is also supported in MPEG4 compressed HD format at 720p 30fps. Sensor sensitivity of ISO 3200 is capable at full resolution. Both come with 32MB internal memory and compatible with SD/ SDHC media. The V12 is selling for $279 while V10 is $249 coming this February.

Kodak V1273 and V1073 IS touch screen compacts [dpreview]

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