CES 2008: Joby GorillaPod Accessories

James Allan Brady - Jan 11, 2008, 1:58pm CST

So the GorillaPod is not new, still cool, but not new, what is new is the accessories they are now packaging with it. There is a suction cup and a couple of Velcro attachments each of which are mountable on the GorillaPod just like a camera.

With these attachments you can connect a mobile phone, iPod, PSP, or whatever else that one of those attachments can reasonably hold allowing for easier viewing of movies. If you look at the picture, that’s my Helio Fin attached to the stand via suction cup to the GorillaPod.

I don’t know if they are selling these attachments separately, but I do know that they are coming free of charge with all the new GorillaPods, well, at least the smaller average sized ones. They had a larger GorillaPod there, still in the package, and it didn’t have the accessories in it, but they might be coming to the rest of the line later.

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