CES 2008: Interactive Toy Concepts showing off new Tube Amp-based shelf stereo with integrated iPod Dock

James Allan Brady - Jan 7, 2008

Interactive Toy Concepts, the people that brought you half a ton of flying gadgets and toys were showing of a yet to be released new product the other night at CES Unveiled. It was a small shelf stereo that had 8 GE Vacuum tubes backed by some digital amps, some really nice, moderately high end speakers attached to it and the whole set sounded pretty amazing.

They turned it on with a remote, and the remote was also able to control the 5G iPod that was docked in front of the tubes. But they turned it on and started cranking up the volume and the tubes started glowing. Sadly they had a cage around the tubes so I couldn’t get a good picture of them, but the box shows a unit without the cage, and they said that it was just on the display unit to protect the tubes.

This unit doesn’t have a CD player, and I didn’t see any FM tuner on the device, so it must just be a really nice iPod Dock. But, even with the $600 price tag, I told the guy I want one as soon as they come out, which he said would be later this year.

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