CES 2008: Hand Check!

James Allan Brady - Jan 11, 2008, 1:33pm CST

Aww, poor Vincent’s passed out and has no one to come to his defense! We are such terrible people, but this week really was hell so our fun can only logically come at the expense and torture of our fearless leader.

When we finally decided to bring the poor fellow to consciousness I told him he was lucky I didn’t have a Sharpie, he insisted that I was lucky I didn’t have a Sharpie as Indiana is a long walk. The Navy S.E.A.L.S. have “hell week”, we have CES, they are a good comparison largely because the SEALS take the best at what they do and make them feel impotent, CES largely does the same thing to a blogger, or anyone else from the press for that matter.

They all insisted at the beginning of the week that whatever happens in Vegas, stays in Vegas, I told them whatever happens in Vegas, I’m [expletive] telling everybody. And here I am, airing out the dirty laundry, I told you that you shouldn’t pass out, next time you’ll listen.

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