CES 2008: Green Plug UPP

Christina Crouch - Jan 8, 2008

Green Plug was the first developers of digital technology that enable real-time collaboration between electronic devices and their power sources. Today I got to experience their newest electronic component chip: the Green Plug Universal Power protocol (UPP). It’s for consumer electronics, residential and commercial builders, automotive, aircraft, and power tool manufacturers.

The Green Plug UPP, once connected with the DC Power hub, can simultaneously power multiple devices, each with their own specific voltage and power requirements. The technology within these devices will minimize solid waste by allowing you to keep your chargers for future use once the device becomes obsolete.

green plug

The best thing I saw about this product is that if you disconnect your power source from your device, but not from the power hub, the Green Plug technology will automatically sense that it’s been removed and quit sending power down that line. This will help with minimizing electricity and keep your devices from over-heating.

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