CES 2008: Fujitsu LifeBook U810

James Allan Brady - Jan 7, 2008

So this mini notebook is a cool hybrid cross between a UMPC and a Tablet PC. It has the same hinge as a convertible tablet, but the screen size of a UMPC. It also has a biometric fingerprint scanner and a 5.5 hour battery life, but Fujitsu have added 3G WWAN cellular broadband so as to maximise on-the-road use.

It has Bluetooth, WiFi, it has an 800MHz processor, a gig of DDR2 RAM, a 5.6-inch touch-screen LCD and a 40GB HDD. It has a USB port, a VGA out, Ethernet, Audio In, Audio Out, and CF and SD card slots.

The total dimensions are 6.73×5.24×1.04 inches and it only weighs about 1.56 pounds. And a quick Google search yields a price of right around a thousand bucks.

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