CES 2008: FLIR Thermal Imaging Cameras

Christina Crouch - Jan 8, 2008

Driving at night is hard on a lot of people, my mother included, so I appreciate the thinking behind FLIR’s thermal imaging cameras. Thermal imaging makes pictures from heat and since everything gives off heat, it only seems to make sense to give yourself a better view during the night. Night vision technology is here for the everyday person, not just the military. FLIR had four different cameras on display, each with it’s on special purpose.


The PathFindIR is designed for your vehicle. It can connect into your navigation device or any LCD screen to give you an extended (5x) view of the road and possibly save you from an accident whether with an animal or human. It’s the first camera on the table.

The VSR-6 is for Home Security. It’s small and covert and since it’s seeing by heat, it’d be really hard for someone to hide within its view. It’s the last camera on the table.

The Navigator II is for Maritime. Placing this on the front of your boat will be a great help in navigating away from pillars, bridges, outcroppings of rock/land that are hidden at night. Not pictured.

The EVS3 is made for airplanes. Even though the runway is usually lit up pretty good, it’d still be nice for the pilots to know exactly what lies ahead of them. Using FLIR they can clearly see the road and will know for sure if anything is obstructing its landing. It’s the middle camera on the table.

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