CES 2008: Ergotron Display Mounts

Christina Crouch - Jan 9, 2008

Ergotron, a company that makes display mounts, unveiled four new products at CES this week: the Neo-Flex All-In-One stand, Neo-Flex Combo Lift stand, Neo-Flex Widescreen Lift stand, Neo-Flex Dual Display Lift stand. These must be really good because Ergotron won three Honorees.

The All-In-One stand bundles any size CPU, notebook, gaming console or flat panel monitor into one extremely small and portable footprint. It has a built-in storage area that stores a standard keyboard and mouse and the sturdy low-profile rear handle adds portability. You can quickly deploy or lock up a complete computer system with this stand.

combo lift

The Neo-Flex Combo Lift can combine desktop productivity with laptop portability. It places a notebook screen side by side with an independent monitor. It provides dual screen efficiency and eliminates the need to toggle between applications and documents. Honestly, that would be handy for me right now. You can connect and remove the notebook with ease if the need arises.

widescreen lift

The Neo-Flex Widescreen Lift is the world’s first portrait/landscape rotation for 16:9 displays. It was designed for people like film editors, graphic designers and photographers. It gives a smooth, ergonomic positioning and has effortless height adjustment and it comes with integrate tilt/pan/ and portrait to landscape capability.

dual display lift

The Ned-Flex Dual Display Lift can support two monitors with a combined weight of 34lbs. You can easily position two LCDS on it and it’s priced below $150.

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