CES 2007: TDVision Systems brings you 3D in HD

We've seen plenty of visor devices before that claim to give you hours of visual enjoyment by making any input appear like a 100-inch cinema screen, but none really delivered hours of fun without becoming nauseating. And here we find another such device called the TDVision System that promises to not only deliver that big-screen experience, but all that in 3D and in HD. I had the opportunity to don the visor to discover what the rep says "can only be experienced."

And yes, it's not exactly a fashionable piece of equipment, but it sure delivers an immersive 3D experience perfect for gaming. However, I can't vouch for that no-motion-sickness guarantee, because even in my short 10-second test drive, I was having my doubts. Perhaps more notable is their TDVirtualCam (picture after the break) that can record video into the HD-3D format. What's better than watching yourself in 3D?