CES 2007: Hannspree Themed Monitors

Rue Liu - Jan 7, 2007

In a day and age where all tasteful design points towards minimalism and chic, Hannspree seems to have missed the memo. Its great that they attempt to go the road less traveled, but I have to say some of their monitor designs are God awful and I’m surprised they actually expect us to pay extra for it. Sure, that baseball-themed LCD might be great for little Tommy just as that firetruck LCD might be great for little Timmy, but any parents willing to pay extra for a dressed up inferior 19-inch panel should have their kids taken away.

And do the kids really care if that baseball-themed LCD is handcrafted of genuine leather? Ok, so maybe I’m being a bit harsh, and ultimately there’s probably going to be some fanatic baseball fan out there in his 30s dying to get one of these. Take a look and judge for yourself. I like my bezels thin, you?

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