CES 2007 footage... for those of us who weren't there

Because of my tendency to put items that don't belong to me into my rucksack and curse loudly at people with beards, I wasn't allowed to accompany the SlashGear team to CES this year. While at first I revelled in bitterness, I've now got over my seething anger and am enjoying the huge quantity of video footage from the exhibition. SlashGear's own camcorder was present, but if you've been through our footage and are still hungry then you might want to head over to Charbax's latest expo video blog.A veteran of filming these tech free-for-alls, Charbax offers both Google Video and BitTorrent DIVX files, the latter of which have the added bonus of being in high-definition. He's covered plenty, from the OLPC to Medion's UMPC, and it's well worth a look (or a download if you've got the bandwidth).CES 2007 Video Blog