Certain retailers certified to sell and take coupons for Digital Converter Boxes

James Allan Brady - Dec 12, 2007

That’s right, 2009 is quickly approaching, and the US Government wants to get all this converter box business taken care of ASAP. So, starting the first of this coming year, if you receive your TV signals OTA you can contact the gov to get a couple $40 coupons for TV converter boxes that will convert the new digital signals to analog so you don’t have to buy a new TV.

Personally I’d still recommend buying a new TV, but I can’t say much since I still have nothing but analog TVs, however I buy cable TV which gives me a set-top box for more or less the same purpose. You’ll be able to redeem your coupons for the boxes at Wal-Mart, Best Buy, Circuit City, or any number of hundreds of other retailers that were certified.

There will be over 14 thousand brick and mortar stores carrying the devices, and you’ll even be able to get them via the internet. There are a few different manufacturers that will be making the boxes, in a blast from the past Philips Magnavox is one of them, as is LG, and several other electronics names you might recognize from back in the day.

Retailers to Sell TV Converter Boxes [via news.wired]

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