Celluon CL850 - Tiny Device That Projects A Full-Size Keyboard

I'm sure that everyone has seen an episode of Star Trek where they seem to be able to type on completely flat surfaces without looking at their hands. I'm not sure how one would manage to do that with any amount of accuracy, some people can't even type on a regular keyboard without looking. If you  think you can, then you might want to check out this new laser keyboard from Celluon.

The Celluon CL850 laser keyboard isn't looking to replace your standard keyboard. Rather, it looks to give you a portable, full-size keyboard to use with any number of mobile gadgets including cell phones, PDAs and UMPCs. It will work with many operating systems including Windows Mobile, Palm OS, Blackberry, Symbian and Windows 2000/XP

So for those of you that need to do a lot of typing on your mobile device, this might be worth a shot. The price has not been announced, but is expected to range between $100-$200.

Celluon CL850: A New Virtual 3D Laser Keyboard [via gearlog]