Cellphone-jamming motorist fined by FCC

There are two types of drivers: those who use their cell phones while behind the wheel, and those who stare squint-eyed at them from a distance while experiencing various levels of distaste. Jason R Humphreys apparently fell into the latter group. On a daily basis for two years, Humphreys of Florida would fire up a cell phone jammer while commuting to and from work, neutralizing the phones of other nearby drivers and thereby ensuring that, temptation or not, nary a text message or phone call would be made while on the go.

The issue was discovered after the FCC was notified by MetroPCS of coverage outages on a specific part of downtown Tampa and Interstate 4. An investigation revealed a Toyota Highlander that was broadcasting the disruptive frequencies, but nothing was done at the time.

Fast-forward about a year (to present time), and a couple of sheriff deputies pulled Humphreys over, discovering the illegal jammer. While preventing drivers from talking on the phone, it also kept law enforcement equipment from working and individuals from being able to call 911.

He was fined $48,000.

SOURCE: Yahoo News