Cell-Phone Sommeliers - we need these in the US too!

In Japan, the government has finally embraced a private-sector initiative to have Mobile Gurus guide you to the best handset, carrier all that stuff for you. No more guessing, or hoping that the guy at the local store isn't just guiding you to what will net him the most profit, they are actually looking to get you what's best for you.

Furthermore, once you have your handset and cellular plan, they are more than capable of helping you figure out how to do whatever it is you are trying to do, what accessories work with your phone, all that stuff. They aren't just some tech-savvy yahoos off the street either, they are professionals who have to take and pass exams in order to maintain their position.

If they were to import this type of job to the US, it might be the one job I'd leave this one for, although more likely I'd figure out how to do both because I love you guys at SlashGear, I couldn't leave you, you're like my second family. But, Japan has a few things we don't, first of all, 100 out of 128 million people on those islands have cell phones, second of all, 96 percent of high school students have cell phones, over hear I am sure the percentages are noticeably lower as cell phones are so heavily discouraged here. One last thing, in case you don't know, sommelier is pronounced suh-mal-'yAy and are the individuals at high end restaurants who monitor their wine collection and are the most capable at making recommendations in accordance with your food.

[via PSFK]