Celeste lets you shoot files to and from your iOS device using Bluetooth

A new app for iOS devices has landed called Celeste. The app is really cool and will allow you to send any files you want between your iPhone and iPad using Bluetooth. The really cool part is that the app will allow you to get files from just about anything that uses Bluetooth.

The app can be used to shoot files to your iPhone from your computer, an Android device, a Blackberry, and lots more. It appears that the app adds another option to the popup menu on your iOS device that you would normally see for copy. The screen show an option for send in that dialog box.

You also get options in the share contact area for sending with Bluetooth in addition to SMS and email. The app will allow the sharing of music files, video, and just about any other files on your device. The catch is that your iPhone or other device needs to be jailbroken. Check out the video to see the app in action.

[via Redmond Pie]