Celebrate the 4th with the world's largest LEGO American flag

The National Museum of American History opened their new Innovation Wing in Washington DC this week just in time for Independence Day. The LEGO Groups joined in the fun with what is now the world's biggest American Flag made entirely out of LEGO bricks. This flag is a cool nine and a half feet tall and fourteen feet wide, weighing in at 546 pounds in all. That's over 100,000 LEGO bricks in red, white, and blue, with some black for lettering to spell out the name of the new exhibit.

This flag took sixteen hours to design and build, 11 of which we've got included in the video you're about to see. This time-lapse video (thank goodness), knocks out the bulk of the build process in a matter of 30 seconds.

The first image you're seeing here shows the flag in all its massive glory. This photo – and the rest of the photos in this article – are photographed by Steve Ruark/AP for LEGO.

Next you'll see LEGO master builder Chris Steininger placing a brick on the big build.

The kids in the photo you see here are holding up sections from this build. As you'll see, the flag isn't one peg flat, but it also isn't completely filled with bricks.

Sections are build to maintain stability in this very tall piece of artwork and architecture.

You can see this flag at the National Museum of American History this week at the entrance to their new Innovation Wing. If you're nearby, head in and experience its massiveness!