Celebrate ‘murica with the GTA Online 4th of July Special

Chris Burns - Jul 1, 2014
Celebrate ‘murica with the GTA Online 4th of July Special

This week the GTA Online Independence Day Special begins with a bang. If you’re not all about the illustrations of gameplay you’re about to witness, we’ve got to worry about your love of monster trucks, shotguns, beer hats, and the American flag itself.

What you’re going to be all about here in Grand Theft Auto Online is a special in association with the folks at Ammu-Nation. “It’s time to celebrate the birthplace of freedom,” says Rockstar games, while you “show off nationalistic pride” with a genuine “Mad in the U.S.A.” t-shirt.


You’ll be able to roll with a series of animal masks of pure American-born creatures, comb through a backwoods mullet, and roll into town – or over your neighborhood – in a couple of new vehicles. There’s the star-studded Sovereign motorcycle and the beastly Liberator monster truck to be had.


Two new masterpieces in the gun department are coming in as well. There’s the high-powered musket and the Firework Rocket Launcher to destroy your enemies with as many stars and stripes as possible. The Dynasty 8 rolls have added a series of seven new properties, including fireworks yards and additions in Pleasure Pier – there’s a Ferris Whale and Leviathan Roller Coaster now in full operation.


To download this update, all you’ll have to do is start up your internet-connected PlayStation 3 or Xbox 360 with Grand Theft Auto V installed and ready to roll. An automatic update numbered 1.15 will appear – have at it, and you’ll be celebrating our country by blowing up a piece of it in no time.

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