CEDIA 2007 - Terra AC Series Speakers

The AC series of speakers are enclosed weather-proof speakers that are meant to be surface mounted to wherever you can stick them. The AC for all those who don't know, stands for All Climate. The speakers are manufactured in one of the harshest climates in the US, Maine. So they can pretty much guarantee that they will work in any weather.

The speakers implement a Wide-Fi technology that allows one loudspeaker to output both channels of audio. Implementing multiple Wide-Fi speakers only increases the audio quality.

So, how do they work so well in just about any weather? First there is the ACAD or Anodized-Ceramic Aluminum Diaphram cone that stays light, but rigid all the while standing up to the elements. Next there is the UniCavity molded one-piece speaker box that doesn't even have screw holes for the mounting brackets but screw posts that are also molded. Then there is the MFCS or Magnetic Fluid Centering System that replaces the traditional "spider" that would re-center the cone above the magnet. Lastly they use watertight connectors for wiring.

There are basically 3 models, all of which are available in 3 standard colors, white, black, or green and then there is a custom color option. The AC.15/15.P/15.X/15XT and the AC.16/16.P/16.X/16.XT models are all pretty much the same with the main variations being types of connectors, input selectors, and wattage with the .15 series hitting at 125 watts per unit and the .16 series hitting at 150. The big difference comes in the AC.WF16/16.P/16.X which is the Wide-Fi unit that projects both left and right channels.

Now the AC series already has some pretty good bass with those ACAD cones, but just in case you like it a little shakier, there is a separate sub available. The sub is intended to be either surface mounted or even buried partially. So there is always that option. By the way, the huge green one is the sub.

No word on price, but they are all-weather, outdoor speakers that are handmade and come with a lifetime warranty. So even if they are expensive, chances are they are worth it.