CEDIA 2007 – Beam’s Serenity QS

Chris Scott Barr - Sep 7, 2007

TVs, Home Entertainment systems and the lot aren’t the only things being shown off at CEDIA this year. Beam was there showing off their latest vacuum cleaner.

I know, they’re vacuum cleaners, big deal. However, if you live in a home that’s all carpet save the kitchen and bathrooms you’ll come to appreciate a good vacuum cleaner. Beam’s new Serenity QS is being touted as the most powerful single-motor central vacuum system. It can produce up to 640 air watts which is up to 25 percent more than competitors.

Serenity QS

Not only is it powerful, but it’s quiet too. I hate loud vacuum cleaners, I’m not really sure why but I just can’t stand the sound of them. They use a combination of a unique mounting and bumper system, their own Quiet Pak insulation and a Sound Off muffler to keep motor noise and system vibration to a minimum.

Serenity QS

There’s no word yet on pricing or availability, but if you want a quiet yet powerful vacuum you might look into the Serenity QS.

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