CEDIA 2007 - Sonance Symphony Series home theater left, right, and center in-wall speaker

The Sonance S623LCR stands for Symphony, the series, 623, the model number, and then left/center/right as this one in-wall speaker can serve all three roles. Set it vertically for the best left or right sound and then horizontally for the best center channel sound.

The S623LCR uses the same drivers as the previous members of the symphony series, the S623T and the S623TR. The big difference comes in the layout as the new S623LCR's have a dual woofer/single tweeter design.

The woofers are high output CF woofers with Ferrofluid cooled tweeters. There is also a control for the tweeter that controls the tweeter level for easy tuning. On top of that there is a snap out plug that you can connect a behind-the-grille IR sensor to. This speaker will fit between 16" studs and only requires a hole 7 1/16th by 14 and a half inches with a depth of 3 and 7/8ths inches.

These will be available in November for $475 a piece. They are high quality speakers, that are easy to install, and look great with or without the included grill, so if you are in the market for some higher end home audio equipment, check out Sonance.