CEA says that consumers want 3D cameras

This is a bit surprising to me; the CEA says that consumers are interested in 3D cameras. The thing that surprises me is that the 3D TV market isn't doing well and the 3D TV and 3D camera really go together. You can't view the 3D photos you take without some sort of 3D capable playback device like a TV or other gadget. Still the CEA reports that enthusiasts want to buy a 3D capable camera like the new Lumix range that was priced this week.

According to the CEA nearly one in four (23%) of digital imaging enthusiasts are likely to purchase a 3D camera within the next year. The number comes from a study that the CEA conducted called 3D Digital Imaging: Consumer Perceptions of this Emerging Technology. The top reasons for buying a 3D camera according to the study were an interest in 3D technology cited by 61% of those planning to buy and an appreciation for more photo options was cited by 55% of those in the study.

Another 23% of those that responded said they had a desire to be on the cutting edge of tech and 22% said that 3D would help them be more creative. Out those in the survey, 62% plan to take 3D scenery images, 58% want 3D landmark photos, and 53% wanted historic places in their 3D photos.