CD Carousel Plus stores 150 discs jukebox style

I'm not very organized. I try to be but some things I'll let fall by the wayside and there they will stay. I'd love to get my CDs or DVDs in order but just alphabetizing them doesn't always work/last.

The CD Carousel Plus is just perfect for fixing that problem. It'll hold 150 CDs and will allow you to create your own database via computer (needs software and USB plug) to search your discs by title or number. It then delivers your disc to you in a jukebox sort of fashion. It's appears to be very compact, though probably not so lightweight.

This is a great way to store a lot of items in a small space, stay organized, and keep them safe/clean. Unfortunately this costs $200 and personally I'd rather buy more DVDs or CDs than spend that much to get what I got in order.

CD Carousel Plus [via]