CBS tipped in plan to livestream Super Bowl 50 ads

On February 7, 2016, many people will swarm around the TV to watch Super Bowl 50, and a decent number of them will just be in it for the commercials. Watching those coveted Super Bowl commercials has always required you to catch them live or, in recent times, watch them afterwards online. CBS is reportedly having none of that nonsense next year, and instead been tipped in a plan that, as far as the TV industry goes, is huge: it will reportedly be streaming those commercials live in real-time, letting you watch them from your smartphone at the same time someone else is watching them on television.

Given how up until very recently it was nearly impossible to legally stream any sports content live over the Internet, this is a very big move for CBS, and a huge deal for both cable-cutters and advertisers. For cable cutters, it represents a big shift in network attitudes. And for advertisers, it means ignoring online streaming — or, at least, considering it a lesser medium — is no longer an option.

The information comes from Variety, which reports that it got word from a pair of executives and another source who all know about the plan. The news has reportedly been circling through media-buying agencies, one of whom stated the obvious: "This is a huge deal." And to demonstrate just how big of a deal it is, they added another tidbit of info: CBS reportedly won't be letting "people opt out" of the Internet streaming.

We've seen a small number of Super Bowl commercials live streamed in the recent past, but CBS' tipped plan would be a big step — advertisers won't have an option to ignore online viewers, and those watching online will see all the commercials. One source says CBS has "pressed" for Super Bowl commercial price increases, while another says the live streamed commercials could have up to a 30 second delay.

SOURCE: Variety