CBS Sports will stream Super Bowl LIII on mobile, no sign-in required

Football fans will soon have unprecedented access to Super Bowl LIII, at least when it comes to streaming, according to CBS Sports. The network will offer the upcoming Super Bowl game on its website and through its mobile app, no authentication needed. The network will also be streaming its broadcast coverage of the game on CBS All Access.

Not long ago, streaming the Super Bowl on mobile meant signing up for Verizon. Things changed about a year ago, however, loosening the restriction on mobile streaming of the big game and consumers will soon see the benefits. In a statement today, CBS Sports revealed that it will provide a Super Bowl LIII stream without requiring authentication.

Anyone with a smartphone, tablet, set-top box, streaming stick, smart TV and more will be able to stream the game from the CBS Sports app or through — and they won't have to sign into an account to do so. The sports network's game coverage will also be available to CBS All Access customers.

According to CBS, the entire 2018 NFL on CBS schedule will be provided on All Access, including expanded streaming rights on mobile for the first time. As well, satellite, cable, and similar customers will get authenticated mobile streaming rights for that content.

Of course, football fans will also have the option to stream Super Bowl LIII on the site, as well as through the NFL app, assuming the appropriate subscription is acquired. Verizon plans to also stream NFL games on mobile devices, including tablets, through Yahoo Sports and more.