CBS 'Amazing Race' host confesses to being tech nerd

If you ever watch broadcast TV, you may see a lot of super intelligent people on there, but when it comes to technology everyone seems to either be legitimately dumb or pretending to be dumb because they think the rest of the country is technologically deficient. So when we found out that CBS host Phil Keoghan is a real gearhead, we thought maybe there is some hope for network TV after all.

Keoghan is the host of The Amazing Race, and it might surprise you to know that he isn't just another pretty face. Being on the road for weeks at a time to film the show, Keoghan is front and center when it comes to uploading and editing footage from the show. He has an Apple MacBook Pro, a Sony PDWF800 camera, a Nikon D700 camera, and an 85mm 1.4 lens, just to name a few gadgets.

To help with his recording, he is also decked out with Sennheiser microphones, a sound mixer, and his own teleprompter. Oh, and his phone of choice? You guessed it – the iPhone. "I always had this fear that if I didn't embrace technology ... really cool things would pass me by. I feel technology enhances our lives," he said in an interview with USA Today. It's nice to see someone who actually has a face on network TV who actually 'gets' this stuff.

[via USA Today]