CBS All Access ‘Interrogation’ crime series can be watched in any order

Brittany A. Roston - Nov 13, 2018, 8:05pm CST
CBS All Access ‘Interrogation’ crime series can be watched in any order

CBS All Access has announced an upcoming true crime show called Interrogation that can be watched in any order. Every episode will be based on a real police interrogation; the first season will have nine episodes as well as a proper season finale. Unlike some true crime series, CBS says its upcoming show can be watched in any episode order.

True crime is a popular topic again thanks to certain podcasts and a hit Netflix show. CBS plans to offer its own show, Interrogation, via its online streaming platform All Access. According to the company, Interrogation will have an episodic format in which every episode centers around an interrogation.

These interrogations were sourced directly from actual police case files, CBS says. Despite being episodic, the series is non-linear, meaning viewers can watch the first episode, the last episode, and any in between — no particular order is necessary. The season finale will be released after the initial nine episodes, and it is intended to be watched after the other nine.

Interrogation will revolve around a real story that covered more than three decades, according to CBS, involving a young man convicted of murdering his mother. The new format — the non-linear nature of it, that is — enables viewers to experience the investigation in a way that is similar to real detective work, CBS explains.

Though it’s not quite at the level of Netflix’s interactive content, Interrogation will bring a fun twist to the true crime storytelling format. Unfortunately, CBS didn’t reveal when it will drop the nine episodes on All Access. The mention of a season (rather than series) finale indicates that there may be additional seasons in the future.

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