CASULO room in a box

James Allan Brady - Feb 12, 2008, 1:49 pm CST

I’ve seen Home Theater’s in a box, I’ve even seen small houses that came packaged in large boxes, but I’ve never seen all of the furniture for a bedroom packaged in one box before. There is a pair of designers that have done it though.

The box rolls in and measures in at 90×120 centimeters by some unknown third dimension measurement. But its small, that’s the point I am trying to get across, and out of that small package you get a lot.

It takes approximately 7 minutes to unpack and assemble it all, and from the package you get a desk/table, a filing cabinet that fits underneath the desk, a swiveling/height adjustable desk chair, a pair of stools, a bed with mattress, a wardrobe with some drawers, a tall set of shelves, and that’s it. It’s all functional, fashionable, and looks quite nice, I want one. Sadly it’s just in the design stages and might not ever be mass produced, but if they do, I am getting a truck and one of these and leaving this town.

[via geekologie]

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