Cast live streams content to friends and family around the world at the same time

Friends and family might be scattered all over the world but you can still watch movies or other content as a group no matter where everyone is located with Cast. Cast is a device that is able to live stream and mirror any content from your device onto the devices of friends and family to be watched at the same time anywhere in the world.

Cast allows sharing content from many of the most popular apps that are available including Netflix, Twitch, and TV channels. The idea behind cast is to allow watching your favorite content to be a social and active process among friends and family.

The Cast hardware is a wireless home video system and console that can connect to your TV, projector, camera, computer, and mobile device. It turns any screen into an entertainment display and you can throw the content of your choice out to anyone. The Cast system has three main components: the Cast box, a camera, and HDMI stick that is ChromeCast compatible. Each display you want to use needs its own HDMI stick.

Cast is on Kickstarter seeking $50,000 and has raised over $106,000 so far with 51 days to go. A pledge of $99 or more will get a Cast box with shipping estimated for September 2016. At that level, users need their own HDMI stick and camera. To get the entire Cast system ready to play you will need to pledge $199 or more.

SOURCE: Kickstarter