Casio Exilim Nailed Year 2007 Best Ultra Slim Digicams By JD Power And Associates

My brother-in-law came up to me last week and asked about my opinion on which brand he should look into for a digital compact camera. He likes something slim with best performance and pictures quality. (Don't we all do? ) Heck, what do I know about p&s camera? I write about them but my DSLR set-up weights more than 10lb and that's what I use most of the time. Of course, that wasn't my response to my beloved bro but I promised him I will look into one.

Guess where I seemed help? Google search! That's right! A quick search turned me into a digital camera usage and satisfactions study that was done by the J.D. Power and Associates. They have rated the Casio EXILIM Zoom SeriesĀ as the top ranking digital camera in the year of 2007.

The study was based on responses from 7,493 digital camera owners, measured four factors to determine customer satisfaction: picture quality, performance, operation and appearance and styling. The Casio's Exilim zoom series got the highest score among 13 other contestants like Sony DSC-T series, Canon Powershot SD series and Kodak V series in ultra slim segment. There you go, Bro.

[via jdpower and casio]