Casio Exilim, Fastest Digital Camera in the World, So Far

James Allan Brady - Sep 2, 2007

So Casio released the specs, and apparently some hi res shots, but most of the specs can be learned just from the photos. Apparently its destined for the Exilim line.

What makes it the fastest digital camera? Its amazing ability to capture still images at a lightning quick 60 full resolution shots per second, hopefully that means there is a burst mode as I can’t push a button 60 times in one second. It can also capture video at VGA res at 300 frames per second!

casio camera

There is a 12x zoom lens to help you catch those distant shots. There is also a pre-shot burst mode that somehow catches a few images prior to you actually pushing the button (can it predict the future?). It also has a pop up flash and a high speed CMOS sensor working with another high speed LSI image processing unit. No details on anything else.


Casio Reveals The World’s Fastest Camera [via gadgettastic]

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